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Lease Returns

Your lease has expired, and you've received Return Authorization (R/A) instructions from your leasing company to return your copier to the Copier Network warehouse. Now what? Prepare, then Ship. Do this as quickly as possible so you are not responsible for another billing cycle.

Prepare Your Equipment

Before doing anything, make sure the makes, models, and serial numbers on your Return Authorization paperwork match exactly the serial numbers on your equipment. Contact your vendor with any discrepancies and ask that they correct the paperwork with the lease company immediately, if not sooner.

Remove the toner from fax machines and smaller printers. Remove liquid ink from wide format machines and seal inside a re-sealable zipper storage bag so they don't leak or dry out. Wipe your hard drive. Do not perform a D-BAN or other total disk wipe; this will remove the copier's operating system, and you will render the copier useless. Remove the paper from your copier. Remove the finisher and other accessories from your copier, including the Fiery, Creo, or other RIP computer. Gather extra toner, power filters, service logs, manuals and driver CD's and place them in your copier's cabinet or an empty paper tray.

If you are returning a wide format, follow the print controller cable from the printer to a computer and remove the attached card. If it is not returned, the missing control card may render the printer useless.

Attach a copy of your Return Authorization Letter to every accessory, box, copier, and printer you are returning. If you are returning more than one asset, go ahead a highlight the asset that the piece belongs with. You do not need to laminate the paperwork to the machine; a single piece of tape holding the R/A paperwork in the document feeder is sufficient, or place the paperwork on the platen glass.

Move your equipment to the ground floor and find out if your building owner requires a certificate of insurance for outside vendors.

If your copier will print a copy count page, print a few copies and attach one copy behind the Return Authorization Letter to prove that your copier was in working condition before it was picked up. You may even want to make a video of the copier making copies, or photos of the external condition. Keep a copy of all Return paperwork for at least two years.

Returning Your Equipment

A Smooshed Copier
This is why you don't palletize a copier.

Contact your vendor for assistance in shipping your copier to Copier Network LLC. Some vendors may have preferred rates with national shippers. If your vendor will pick up the equipment, make sure you get proof that the vendor has picked up the equipment from your location, proof of insurance on the shipping, as well as proof that they have shipped it.

If your vendor can't help you ship the equipment, contact a Copier Network Preferred Shipper or other national shipper that uses air-ride trucks. Ask for Specialized Product, High Value Shipments, or Office Moves. Do not use the same movers that would move your furniture. Ask that your machine be shrink-wrapped and blanket-wrapped to reduce damages. Make sure you pay for for the insurance required by your lease company.

Do not palletize your copier. Shippers that move palletized goods do not allow us to inspect the equipment at delivery for shipping damage.


Once your copier has been picked up, it will begin a journey to the Copier Network warehouse. Remember that you're not ordering a pizza; this equipment may take 10 days or more to get across country. The day after your copier has been picked up, you should be able to track its progress on your shipper's website. After your machine delivers, ask your shipper for a copy of the Bill of Lading showing Proof of Delivery (POD).

Upon delivery, Copier Network will verify the makes, models, and serial numbers of the assets sent with the paperwork attached to your machine. The lease company will be notified of receipt of the asset at end of day. If you did not include the R/A paperwork, we will be unable to verify the equipment, and we will not be able to report receipt to the lease company.

Our received report to the Lease Company will usually stop your monthly billing cycle. If you did not include your R/A paperwork, or the equipment is wrong, your billing may not stop.

Copier Network technicians will power the machine and test it to make sure it works and is in operable condition. We will send a condition report to the Lease Company apprising them of the copy count, condition, operability, and any damages to the equipment. If you receive a bill for damages, it came from the Lease Company, not Copier Network. If the lease company bills you for any shipping damage, file an insurance claim with your shipper, and keep the leasing company in the loop.

Local Returns

If you are close enough, and can deliver the equipment yourself, feel free to do so, but make sure the Return Authorization paperwork is with your machine, and make sure you bring enough manpower to unload your vehicle. We have a dock and parking for a lift-gate truck. Copier Network receiving is open from 10am–3pm daily except Wednesdays or by appointment. Wednesday deliveries are only available for vendors or non-shipping company returns. Please see our map, and do not consult a different internet map, or you may get lost.


On business days prior to a holiday, Copier Network receiving closes at 2:00 PM. We don't want trucks on the road trying to get to us when everyone is on the highway trying to get away for the long weekend. Copier Network is closed on the following days:

Preferred Shippers

If you need assistance with your shipping, we recommend the following carriers. You are free to use a different carrier, but these carriers work with Copier Network on a daily basis and their drivers have priority docking service at our warehouse. Note that payment must be received by the shippers before your equipment can be picked up. Check with the carriers for specific service areas and transit times.

VIP Transport, an agent for Mayflower
Ryan Barron, Michelle Kotlar: 951-272-3700

Specialized Transportation
Stacey Burdell: 661-802-4799

Stair-Masters Business Equipment Movers
Judy: 760-487-1558
California, Las Vegas, Arizona

Business Solutions Transport
James Peifer: 310-638-0404

Business Solutions Transport
Art Peifer: 972-446-0700
Nationwide, except California