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I received a Return Authorization Letter. What should I do?

Copier Network is an authorized return warehouse for Balboa Capital, Bank of America, Bank of the West, EverBank, Fidelity National, Key Finance, Leaf, Marlin, Pacific Rim, US Bancorp, Wells Fargo, and other lease companies. If Copier Network is your designated warehouse, please consult our How to Return a copier at End of Lease page.

Make sure a copy of your Return Authorization instructions are attached to each piece of every asset that you are returning.

Who should ship my equipment to Copier Network?

Copier Network has no preference, but we recommend the following shippers for End of Lease shipping:

  • VIP Transport, an agent for Mayflower. Contact Mayda Brann at (800) 998-4847.
  • Business Solutions Transport: contact James at 310-638-0404 for California pickups, or Barbara at 972-446-0700 for interstate pickups.
  • CRST Specialized Transportation: contact Stacey at 661-802-4799.
  • Stair-masters Business Equipment Movers. Contact Judy at 760-487-1558. (California and Phoenix Metropolitan Area moves only).

Under no circumstances should a copier be palletized for shipping. Pallets have gaps between the slats, and wheels will fall between the slats. When the pallet is moved with a forklift, the wheels will break, and you will be liable for damage.

Copiers should not be sent via a common carrier. In most cases, they do not allow us to examine the equipment for shipping damage before it is dropped off, and we are permitted to refuse delivery. In the event that the asset is refused, you will be liable for shippers fees, reshipping the correct asset, or for damages.

If you are local, you may drop off your copier at our warehouse. Make sure you have your Return Authorization, and enough labor to unload your vehicle. Copier Network Receiving has a dock, and is open Monday through Friday, except Wednesdays, from 10am–3pm.

Copier Network can provide a shipping quote for your returns. Simply fax a copy of your Return Authorization instructions, with your contact information to Copier Network at 510-601-9052. We will provide you with a quote for the return of your equipment. If you choose our service, the shipping invoice must be paid before the equipment is picked up by our shipper.

Why is Copier Network Calling me?

In addition to being an Authorized Return center, Copier Network is also contracted by lease companies to pickup equipment. In some cases, your contract with your lease company may include our pickup service at end-of-lease. In some cases, we call to pickup your copier due to non-payment. In some cases, it may be part of an upgrade, but financials are never shared with Copier Network. If you have questions about why we are calling, please ask your lease company, not your vendor.

Once we make contact, Copier Network needs to verify the address and get some basic information about the facility to arrange for shipping.

As soon as the address information is verified, we pass it to one of our preferred shippers for pickup. Their local agent will call you the day before they would like to pickup the equipment, and they may also confirm your address. If their schedule doesn't work for you, or the freight elevator isn't working, ask the agent to push back the pickup a day or two.

If you do not return our call, the lease company may ask us to send a truck to your facility for an Unannouced Repossession. It's really embarassing when a truck driver walks in to pickup a copier, and everyone starts asking why, and whether they are going to get paid next payday.

I purchased some copiers. How do I get them to my shop?


If you are picking up the assets in your vehicle, make sure your sales representative knows that you are coming to pickup your assets. Our warehouse crew will tag the assets and move them into one location for your pickup. The complete invoice must be paid before the equipment will be released from our warehouse.

Copier Network Shipping

Copier Network can arrange for shipping of your equipment through one of our preferred shippers. Upon request, we will obtain shipping quotes, including insurance for the amount of the invoice, for you. If you choose our shipping option, shipping charges will be added to your invoice. The complete invoice must be paid before the equipment will be released from our warehouse.

Third-party pickup

If you made arrangements with a third-party shipper, the complete invoice must be paid before the equipment will be released from our warehouse. Make sure you let your sales representative know the shipper and tracking information as soon as it is available.

Without the shipping information and a paid invoice, your pickup may be refused, and Copier Network will not be liable for attempt charges. Your Bill of Lading must show all serial numbers or your invoice number. Copier Network has approximately 1200 assets in stock, and we're not going to guess what assets are to be delivered to any address.

Full-Service Carrier

Please ask your shipping company to contact our Shipping Department to schedule the pickup. You are responsible for providing the shipper and registration number to your sales representative or our Shipping Department once your order is booked. Without the shipper and registration, Copier Network may refuse to release your equipment, and Copier Network will not be liable for attempt charges.

Common Carrier

Palletized shipments will be charged a palletization fee. You must deliver the shipper's Bill Of Lading to our Shipping Department prior to pickup. The shipper will refuse the shipment without a Bill Of Lading, and Copier Network will not be liable for any attempt charges. The complete invoice must be paid before the equipment will be released from our warehouse.