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A new copier, a basic piece of office equipment, is expensive. The street price for a new iR ADVANCE C7055 is almost $30,000.

Copier Network remarkets refurbished and used copiers, printers, fax machines, and more at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

In these tough economic times, we know every penny counts. Purchasing refurbished and used business equipment from Copier Network is the smart choice for the smaller vendor who can replace a worn part, replace a drum or a fuser unit. Pass your savings on to your customers.

Copier Network also has a limited inventory of hand-picked retail-ready refurnished machines available to the public at wholesale prices.

Our knowledgeable sales staff and technicians have years of experience. We can ship coast to coast or internationally at the best price.

Why you should chose Copier Network LLC for your business needs:

Copier Recycling

 Find out about our copier recycling services.

Copier Network LLC In the News

Listed in 2008 as an ENX Company On The Move.
  • Asset #52754 Ricoh Aficio MP C6000 SN M7980400045; Total: 420,387, Color: 230,601
  • Asset #52755 Sharp MX-4101N SN 05049407; Total: 498,875, Color: 39,776
  • Asset #52756 Sharp MX-6201N SN 05000866; Total: 474,860, Color: 144,560
  • Asset #52479 Sharp MX-M283N SN 95007040; Total: 145,840, Color: N/A
  • Asset #52480 Sharp MX-M283N SN 95006810; Total: 246,496, Color: N/A
  • Asset #52475 Sharp MX-M363N SN 95010025; Total: 259,584, Color: N/A
  • Asset #52404 Sharp MX-M550N SN 8500379X; Total: 2,110,343, Color: N/A
  • Asset #52031 Toshiba e-STUDIO205SE SN CLG116495; Total: 35,733, Color: N/A
  • Asset #52012 Toshiba e-STUDIO205SE SN CLF116201; Total: 208,616, Color: N/A
  • Asset #52158 Toshiba e-STUDIO2330c SN CIC919678; Total: 374,036, Color: 89,363
  • Asset #52160 Toshiba e-STUDIO2330c SN CIC919686; Total: 230,937, Color: 61,062
  • Asset #52013 Toshiba e-STUDIO2540C SN CHG114838; Total: 957,907, Color: 95,768
  • Asset #52464 Toshiba e-STUDIO2540C SN CHI120542; Total: 153,325, Color: 60,871
  • Asset #52029 Toshiba e-STUDIO2540C SN CHG114785; Total: 161,862, Color: 3,550
  • Asset #52027 Toshiba e-STUDIO305SE SN CMG135772; Total: 122,623, Color: N/A
  • Asset #52026 Toshiba e-STUDIO305SE SN CMG135773; Total: 100,603, Color: N/A
  • Asset #52145 Toshiba e-STUDIO3530c SN CZG018182; Total: 584,386, Color: 37,622
  • Asset #52231 Toshiba e-STUDIO3530c SN CZC120522; Total: 672,953, Color: 33,030
  • Asset #52147 Toshiba e-STUDIO3540c SN CQE110941; Total: 123, Color: 69
  • Asset #52028 Toshiba e-STUDIO355SE SN CPF146291; Total: 118,948, Color: N/A

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Kevin's Picks

 Image for descriptive purposes only. Accessories may vary from image.

Ricoh MP C5503RADF; Duplex; (SR3140) FIN; Fax; Print; NIC; Scan; PostScript®; Condition: Passes Paper; Color: 30,093; Total: 156,128.
Now accepting bids. Call Kevin 510-746-2088. ID 51400

Konica Minolta bizhub C654.RADF; Duplex; Fax; Print; NIC; Scan; Condition: Passes Paper; Color: 116,279; Total: 188,138. Asking $4995
Call Kevin 510-746-2088. ID 49595


  Image for descriptive purposes only. Accessories may vary from image.

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